Missing: Ketamine. Have you seen this drug?


The Leeds student scene has been thrown into mass chaos following a West Yorkshire wide ketamine drought.

One ketamine user came forward and spoke to us about how the shortage of ketamine is affecting him. They likened the ordeal to a bad trip, “I’ve been looking at my living room for the past three weeks and it’s just been normal. When is this going to end?” However they wished to remain anonymous so that their degree in Philosophy & Economics, alongside their future graduate scheme within their father’s company, wouldn’t be affected. In what highlights the immense gravity of the situation, one amateur historian on the local area of Leeds commented that this was the ‘prohibition of our modern day’. Like back in 1920’s America users are now going to extreme lengths to bring the drug back into the city. Following an anonymous tip off police are beginning to investigate the possibility that ketamine is now entering the city through carrier pigeons being sent from London.

The quandary has aroused many passionate feelings amongst users. Since the disappearance, several Facebook groups have emerged in order to raise awareness of the ketamine plight and calling for a citywide manhunt until ketamine can be found. One of the most prominent pages entitled ‘S.N.O.R.T’ (Students Needing to Organize the Return of Tranquilizer) has amassed an impressive 5,000 supporters in a short amount of time. Supporters of the ketamine cause have been placing missing posters on the outside of the local Sainsbury’s in Hyde park, appealing for any information which may lead to the safe return of ketamine, with a substantial reward of £1000 pounds being offered.

Surprising support for ketamine to become readily available once more has come from several of Leeds clubbing institutions and venues, owing to fears for the local economy. Since the drought began, many nights (predominantly those showcasing techno music) have reported that there has been noticeable decrease in attendance. One user, known to usually frequent these type of techno events, told of how he no longer spends his weekends going to abandoned warehouses, “we tried going along to one of these nights and listening to the music without ket, but it was just noise”.

In what may seem to many a bizarre turn of events, local equestrians have been feeling the damaging repercussions of a shortage of ketamine more than most. Police escorts of horses in transit have been put in place following numerous sightings of groups of youths, reportedly wearing snapbacks, chasing horse trailers down the street. One local horse owner has come forward to tell of his harrowing experience. He caught a ketamine user trying to drink the blood of his ill horse in an attempt to K-hole from the traces of the drug found in the horses system. Last week West Yorkshire Police issued a statement telling of a string of reported break-ins at veterinary practices across the county, it is alleged that numerous containers of ketamine were taken in the attacks.

Speculation has been mounting as to the reasons for the drought. One accepted theory is that prominent ketamine suppliers in the area have been arrested. It is also widely thought that the epidemic has been perpetuated by last month’s change in drug laws, with ketamine changing from a Class C drug to a class B drug. The recent reclassification laws stem from an incident at Boom Town, where one festival-goer died after taking a lethal combination of ketamine and alcohol. We reached out to Alcohol to hear of its involvement in the situation, but sadly Alcohol was not available to comment.

7 thoughts on “Missing: Ketamine. Have you seen this drug?

  1. So, you’re from the Home Counties, you like scrunchies, and you listen to house music, and you still blog? I’m guessing ‘Edgy’ is some kind of ironic nickname you inherited somewhere down the line?

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